Untraslatable words

Untraslatable words

Project Description

Untranslatable words, is a collection of words untranslatable in any other language, accompanied by images that portray the meaning and its important message; it doesn’t matter what language you speak, or what culture you grew up in, we all express ourselves and communicate with one another in a multitude of ways, no matter how many we understand or how many are untranslatable, the language of love is the only language that we as human beings are truly fluent in.
We’re all equals in the way that we love unconditionally.
This piece is a a form of congratulations, and celebration that I want to dedicate to equal rights, gay pride, and the LGBTQIA community.
My concept was chosen by the B&T Team to be featured in the “IF pages” section.

I’ve directed the photoshoot, personally chose the models: Tabatha Muzik and Sara Hart, the make up artists: Carolina Vieira and Margarita Starodubsteva and hair stylist: Simone Menetti and finally did the post production.
The photographer was Ben Scott, here’s a link to his website and amazing work.

Here’s an article about the project: Click here

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Untraslatable words




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