Call Them Out

Call Them Out

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During our thorough research we found that The Line was running a two way conversation with teens about healthy relationship.

The Line was communicating with young people on their level, and through their medium-Facebook.

This was our eureka moment, we focused on continuing our conversation through the use of an interactive billboard which would be located at Town hall and Central Station.
Our Billboard would allow people to anonymously text in and call others out on disrespectful and controlling behaviour within a relationship.
This sort of shareable context also creates buzz, gets attention and reaches a larger audience.

Our changing digital boards round off the campaign and draws attention by the fact the viewer has to stop and stare in order to see how the conversation ends.
With these elements as well as backing from The Line’s social media platforms, the “Call Them Out Campaign” can keep young people talking about what’s on and what’s not on when it comes to relationship.

I’ve worked side by side with Jamie Lee Mills, a competent young Account Manager and Nathan Sarmiento, a fellow student at Macleay College.

We won BEST CAMPAIGN, the concept was chosen by the account manager at “The Line’, and we were invited at the campaign launch.
Here’s an article about it: Click here


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